Emotional Baggage Transformation

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The Lotus

In Asia, the lotus is a symbol of spiritual transformation.  How easy it is to forget the other, hidden half, of this profound symbol: the muck in which the plant is deeply rooted and from which it draws its nutrients.  The symbol tells us that we can’t escape our less presentable parts.  We can only transform them - just as the plant draws from the mud the elements to form its elegant blossom.  Genuine spirituality is not an escape; it is a challenge.

We are called upon to heal our wounded hearts from the negative attitudes, moods, behaviors, failures and tragedies of our lives, while simultaneously opening to our innate radiant spirituality.  To meet the challenge of true spirituality, we need to engage those dark parts of the personality that we learned to keep hidden.  The question is how to engage in a way that transforms our suffering rather than belaboring it.  We want to grow a lotus, not make a mud pie.

Raz Ingrasci

Dr. Doug Gilbert